For operators

Cooperation with telecommunications operators

Developed and unique fiber-optic network and the high level of coverage make the cooperation with Metrotelecom attractive and profitable. The partnership and infrastructure of Metrotelecom will allow operators and providers to increase the range of their network and provide more services, while maintaining a high level of service quality

Lease of communication channels.

  • This service is designed for telecom operators and providers, large public institutions with an extensive network of branches

Connecting to legal TV

  • Become a partner of Metrotelecom and take advantage of the "Legal TV" service. Get the rights to show and broadcast more than 60 foreign TV channels from content providers in Full HD!

Become a member of ITI-IX traffic exchange point.

  • Participation in traffic exchange point is:
  • *Significant traffic savings and corresponding profit growth.
  • * Increase speeds by reducing the response time of popular international resources.
  • *The ability to reduce the load on networks and servers at high consumption levels.