Access to Wi-Fi is now available in all Tashkent Metro stations. It is necessary to authorize via SMS before descending into the metro to start using the free Internet.

October 7, 2019, Tashkent - Since October 7, users of the capital's metro have been granted access to free use of the Internet. This project's implementation has become possible thanks to the cooperation of two companies Metrotelecom and Wi-Fi operator Sola.

The system provides two types of access: paid and free.

To connect to the free access network, follow the steps below:
1. To connect to the free access network, follow the steps below:
2. Log on by phone number;
3. Watch an advertisement video;
4. Get access to the Internet.

Connecting instructions to the Internet will also be displayed on unique panels that can be seen before descending into the metro.

"This project is an important milestone for our company and our technical partner Sola. We have been coming to it for a long time, and this is just the beginning. The event is one of the stages aimed at promoting completely new telecommunication solutions and services for the Uzbekistan market. Implemented cases allow to make many services accessible, and life of citizens and tourists more comfortable. We plan to launch an even more interesting initiative in the future," said Alimov Alimkhan, director of Metrotelecom.

Earlier, Metrotelecom, together with Ucell, announced the launch of mobile communication in metro stations. Thanks to a technical partnership with this company, it is planned to launch a project to provide communication inside the carriages jointly.