Metrotelecom™ launched the first international traffic exchange point ITI-IX in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

As most international partners' content will locate in the Republic of Uzbekistan territory, this will make it possible to reduce the pressure on the global Internet channel and increase the speed of access to content by increasing the rate of response time to resources and sites. Today, world-known services from companies connected to ITI-IX traffic exchange point: Group, Odnoklassniki, VKontakte, Yandex, MSK-IX, NGENIX, CDN NOW.

This became possible thanks to the Content Delivery Network technology (content delivery network), with the help of which traffic will pass, including through the Republic of Uzbekistan territory.

Development of CDN technology will allow using the usual resources with high speed of downloading content within the country. What is it?

Imagine a site or a resource used by people worldwide the central servers are mlocated in Moscow, London, Beijing, or New York, and users in Uzbekistan.

The farther a user is from the original server, the longer the response time, the longer it takes to load a simple web page altogether.

According to Alimkhan Alimov, director of strategic development of Metrotelecom™, now, thanks to CDN technology, any request to the site will redirect to the nearest server in Uzbekistan.

• We live in an age of higher users and consumers' requirements to the content of content, its accessibility. The content itself is becoming more and more high quality and heavy.
• We have created the first legal international traffic exchange point ITI-IX, where up to 80% of global traffic will concentrate. Most importantly, it will increase the speed of Internet access in the Republic of Uzbekistan territory by reducing the time of response to resources.
• International ITI-IX traffic exchange point will provide our republic with several opportunities and advantages:
• These are limitless possibilities of the global Internet.
• Use of unique and legal content.
• Increased download speed of websites and favorite resources.
•In its turn, this will give an impulse to the development of Internet video service provision methods and may stimulate the local Internet market's growth. Overall, Metrotelecom™ is continuously working to increase the presence of international partners and content operators.